Max Attraction Gold Review

Max Attraction Gold ranks high in the list of pheromone boosting product brands being sold in the market today. Second to Pherazone in terms of concentration, Max Attraction Gold packs a heavy 17.8 milligrams of pheromones per bottle, making it a powerful scent stimulant.

The best thing about Max Attraction Gold is that it greatly improves a man’s aura by making them appear exotic and dominant—two characteristics that ladies generally find appealing in men.

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Thanks to modern science and technology, increasing one’s sexual attractiveness can now be done with just a spray of a perfume. But far from being just an ordinary cologne, the fragrance emitted by a pheromone-laden spray is powerful enough not just to make men smell good, but more importantly, make them desirable to the opposite sex.

The Developer

Max Attraction Gold is distributed by Luv Essentials, a division of Lodix Corporation aiming to offer pheromone products for men and women. The company is based in Palm Coast, Florida.

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The Product

Max Attraction Gold is a pheromone-containing product said to boost male aura to increase sexual attractiveness. Containing 17.8 milligrams of pheromones per bottle, it is a powerful scent stimulant guaranteed to make women change the way they look at you.

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  • Second to Pherazone in terms of concentration – 17.8 mg of pheromones per bottle
  • Easy to use—treat just like your normal odorless perfume
  • Effective up to 4 hours

Consumer Feedback:

“Max Attraction was a real life saver last summer when i went on vacation people should really give productds like this some credit!!”

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“During all of the times I have used Max Attraction Gold in either testing or for personal use; I have experienced increased sexual interactions with women. Because of the quality of the pheromones and the aura that is created by wearing it, you can expect to attract significantly more women.”

Actual user feedback from

“Let me just start by saying that this pheromone product rocks! I have tried a number of so-called pheromone boosting sprays and lotions out there to attract women and make myself more attractive to women, and none have ever worked the way this has!”

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